PHP for Non-Programmers

Saturday, November 19
Half-day, afternoon (1:30pm-5:00pm)
Diana Montalion Dupuis

Diana Montalion Dupuis has spent thirteen years integrating website development, PHP programming, educational and entrepreneurial pursuits into a passion for building CMS applications. As a Four Kitchens web chef, Diana’s techno-creations include a custom credit card processing extension for the Wikimedia Foundation, module development for large and small Drupal clients, and a dynamic, scalable topics aggregation system for The Economist’s website. She juggles complication as Director of Professional Services.

This is a friendly programming introduction for people new to coding. We’ll take a “Physics for Poets” approach to basic PHP concepts like variables, if/else statements, Boolean logic, functions, and hooks. Participants will write code, read code, and have a clear understanding of how to continue practicing.

After the course, participants will understand and have written code that includes:

  • Variables
  • Arrays
  • Boolean logic
  • Conditional statements
  • Functions
  • PHP commonly found in the theme
  • A few drupal hooks (and how to use the API)

Students will need to bring:

Laptop. Having access to a Drupal installation (where code can be edited) is ideal but not required.

Intended audience and skill level

  • Themers who want to better read and write PHP
  • Closet geeks who want to learn to write modules but need a PHP starter course before they take a module development course
  • People interested in coding and want a gentle, non-competitive introduction

Skill level


Price: $75.00

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