Rapid Drupal development using the Features module


In this session, we will discuss using the Features Module for Drupal 7 to build out reusable site functionality by pulling together entities, content types, fields, views, context and more. We will focus on how we can use features to package these entities together into reusable modules to make site building faster and cheaper.Using features, anyone building Drupal sites from freelancer to mainstream Drupal agencies can shave hours of development time off the beginning of their site building.

We will talk about:

  • What the Features Module does and how to build features from views, fields, entities, content types, context, and more
  • How to set up a Feature Server to share your features
  • Using Drush Make to create your own “distributions” for rapid deployment
  • Adding custom hooks to your feature
  • How to safely override your features on a site by site basis while retaining the ability to update that feature.

Intended audience:

Anyone who wants to create reusable feature sets to be deployed quickly on other websites should attend this session.
Sitebuilders, freelancers, and organizations that want to save time when developing websites for clients.

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