Preying on the drupal_alter()

When you’re building your next Drupal project the chances are pretty good that at some point you’ll find Drupal is doing it wrong. The good news is that Drupal 7 core alone gives you around 80 opportunities to “make it right.”

This session is way more than staring at a boring slide deck.

After a brief introduction we’ll crack into some code and check out some of the most popular alter hooks, hook_form_alter() and hook_menu_alter(). They’re super handy tools you’ll likely need on that next project of yours.

Then we’ll get really evil, and work through some new fun ones, like hook_page_alter() and maybe even explore alter hooks that are exposed from contributed modules.

While we’re at it we’ll show you how you too can add your own alter hooks to a custom module, in case other developers say, “You’re doing it wrong”.

I’m not going to lie, there will be code. But never fear! We’re going to stay at a fairly basic level. If you’re scared of writing a module come anyway!

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