Overcoming the departmental site challenge: How to unify a university's web platform with Drupal 7


Best practices for using Drupal at your EDU, and an in-depth case study on how Drupal 7 is being used to manage over 190 department sites and 35,000 students at Portland State University (PSU).

Managing the hundreds of websites a large university needs is no simple task. Fortunately, Drupal 7 is up to the challenge. In this presentation you’ll hear some of the challenges our Drupal firm faced in migrating over 190 university department sites for PSU, and all the things we learned along the way. We will also show how the latest version of Drupal is the perfect solution for these challenges.

The session includes how we used Drupal to achieve consistent branding, allow for customizations per department (while still maintaining and ensuring branding guidelines were kept in tact), syndication of content across multiple sites, robust access control, and create one-click installs to save time.

Questions answered by this session:

  • Is Drupal the right choice for my university or school district?
  • How can I ensure consistent branding across the university while providing the flexibility departments demand?
  • How can I publish content across all of my department sites or just a few?
  • How can I create a robust access control and workflow system in Drupal?
  • How can I manage hundreds of websites using a single code base?
  • How can I encourage departments to adopt our university’s Drupal solution?

    Intended audience:

    Universities, school districts and educational institutions that would like to adopt Drupal 7 for a single or multi-site implementation.

    Video Presentation on Vimeo:


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