Drupal as a fundraising platform: Explore the possibilities

Why would you want to natively fundraise in your Drupal website? It’s all about the UX! The goal is to present your donors with a unified experience when dealing with your organization, and the donation experience is no exception. In fact, the donation experience is probably one of the most important aspects of your site.

Not all Drupal fundraising solutions are created equal. In this session we will review some of the fundraising options available to nonprofits in Drupal. We’ll review a custom solution, CiviCRM, and the Springboard distribution and discuss why you might want to take one approach over the other. We’ll tell you what you’ll need to get started and discuss some of the things to look out for when fundraising on the Drupal platform.

Why would you want to collect donations natively through your website when so many 3rd-party options already exist?
What options are available for doing online fundraising in Drupal and what are the pros and cons of each approach?
What do you need before you can start taking donations through your website?
Are you better off building something custom or using a pre-built solution?
What are the security implications of fundraising in Drupal?

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