Are you accessible?

Are you accessible?

By now many have heard about accessibility, but what does it really mean? The web should be available to all users, regardless of physical limitations. Although it is not fully enforced, did you know that any organization that receives government funds must have an accessible website?

There is more to accessibility than “skip to content”…

In this presentation we will discuss:

  • The basic principles of accessibility
  • How to implement accessibility principals when coding, theming and designing
  • Free tools you can use to improve your work and accessibility

and more…

Keeping in mind that your biggest “blind” user is google, an accessible website is more SEO-friendly out of the box, easier for mobile users, and just a better site over all.

The presentation can be found on SlideShare, here:


Yay! This session makes me so happy!

Thank you Sarah :)

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