Responsive Drupal theming and design

Sunday, November 20
Full-day (8:30am–5:00pm)
Todd Nienkerk, Chris Ruppel

Do your Drupal themes work on all devices, regardless of size or browser complexity? This hands-on, “You can do it” training session will teach you how to create and theme a responsive design in Drupal.

Four Kitchens’ web chefs will show you:

  • The past, present, and future of responsive design
  • How to create a responsive layout
  • How to plan for content delivery and fluidity
  • How to implement your plan in the Drupal theme layer
  • @media queries and HTML/CSS conventions
  • JavaScript enhancements

Course Overview

  • What is Responsive Design?
  • The Basics
    • Fluid layout
    • HTML/CSS aspects
    • CSS3 @media queries
    • JavaScript: your future as a themer
    • Images and other rich content

The Four Step Process

  1. The Design
  2. Minimum Viable Content
  3. @media
  4. HTML, CSS, Grid

Advanced topics (as time permits)

  • Advanced CSS3 (transitions, interaction cues)
  • JavaScript (make it performant)
  • Feature detection
  • Conditional loading
  • Making it work in old browsers (polyfills)
  • Responsive images and content
  • Obscure FOUCs and make your work sparkle with jQuery

Students will need to bring:

Laptops. Each attendee will have a development instance to access and build on.

Intended audience and skill level

This is not a beginner course. To attend, you must be skilled in:

  • HTML and CSS
  • Drupal theming (can build from a sub theme)
  • Javascript (some use of JQuery)
  • Accessing a development site
  • Editing with a tool like Coda, Vim, or Textmate

Skill level

Intermediate -> Advanced

Price: $150.00

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