State of D7 media: past, present, and future

Handing media has always been a painful feature in Drupal. With Drupal 7, changes to Drupal Core provided major steps forward. Drupal Core now includes file and image fields which provide users with the basics. The Media module takes the next step: providing an easy, useable, and flexible media solution that fits the wide variety of needs and requirements.

This session will give a short detail of the history of Media module, the current features and overall architecture, and the future of the Media module and Drupal core itself. The results of a Media maintainers sprint in September 2011 will also be presented.

Intended audience:

Site builders, architects, developers, people evaluating Drupal

Questions answered by this session:

  1. How did Drupal 7 help improve media handling?
  2. Why and when do you want to use Media module?
  3. What are the new features being planned and implemented for the new version of Media module?
  4. What about the Media initiative that Dries mentioned in his London keynote? What’s that about?
  5. What lessons have we learned in Media module that can be used to improve Drupal 8 and beyond.


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