Packaging up Drupal: How distributions, features, and apps save you money and time

Across the board, nonprofit, government, and business sectors are realizing that open source software can maximize their limited budgets by leveraging the community for the development of more (and better!) code that is available to everyone. But being able to effectively find, choose, use, and customize that code is another story.

Drupal offers a unique value in the strength of its “packaged code” offerings. Installation profiles, distributions, features, and apps are all concepts that this community has created to make Drupal code easier to find and easier to use for specific audiences and specific use cases. These packaged offerings in Drupal can help you find everything you need to build a conference web site, an e-commerce site, a scholarly journal, or a host of other types of sites. They can help you “try out” specific functionality for your site, before you hire someone to implement it all. In short, they can help you cut through the thousands of Drupal modules available to find the best practices, for your specific need.

Questions answered by this session:

  1. What is a distribution, an installation profile, a feature, and an app in Drupal?
  2. Are these code packages different from “regular Drupal?”
  3. How do I use code packages for my Drupal site?
  4. How will it save me money or maximize what I can do with my site?

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