Mobile Web Development with Drupal

Mobile web consumption is on the rise.

In 2010, global mobile data traffic tripled for the third year in a row. Between 2010 and 2015 Cisco predicts that there will be approximately 7.1 billion mobile devices connected to the web (roughly one per person on this planet)

By 2014, mobile internet usage is expected to overtake desktop internet usage.
GigaOm: Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley

Numerous people today already access the internet exclusively on their smartphones and do not own a desktop/laptop machine.

As Drupal developers, designers and themers, it’s foolish for us to continue to assume that our work will only be viewed on a laptop or a desktop screen.

Today’s website must deliver a tailored experience to the mobile web user that utilizes unique capabilities only available on such a device - geolocation, screen rotation, etc. This experience must be just as flawless as it is on their full size device. The mobile user expects personalization, interactivity and adjustments to his / her context.

This session is intended for those responsible for creating such experiences: architects, developers, themers and designers.

The following topics will be covered:

  • What does a user expect when using a mobile site / web application?
  • Planning your mobile web site and its content (either a from scratch mobile site or an add-on to an existing site)
  • A classification of different devices and their capabilities
  • Technical challenges and how to work around them
  • Unique feature sets of mobile devices and how to use them to their full potential
  • Device Detection
  • Mobile web development tools
  • Drupal modules for mobile web

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