Development workflow and rollout


We will discuss a familiar problem in Drupal: How to effectively take you website development process through Development, Staging, and roll to Production. This includes the essential tools, Drupal best-practices, and process to setup a proven rollout lifecycle. As a team we see the value that these process have created and would like to share what we have learned explicitly.

What’s the value of this practice?
Standardization of:

  • team-members contributions
  • review process
  • staging
  • rollout

An overview of tools (and their needed features)…

Focusing the use of these tools into your process can be daunting, but there are a couple of great best practices to follow:

  • Be agile (Scrum is a nice iterative framework)
  • Be modular (let business functionality drive)
  • Scrutinize (code review and testing)
  • Keep an eye on the future (pattern off good work)

Questions answered by this session

  1. How does an organization develop and give back to the Drupal project (and others) effectively?
  2. What are some good examples to pattern work from?
  3. How to speed up your development iterations - in a sane manner?
  4. What are some “protips” that have been discovered along the way?
  5. What do product offerings from Acquia, Pantheon, and other Drupal centric hosting providers mean to your process?



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