Building a services-oriented architecture with the Services module

In 2002, Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon), issued a mandate requiring all teams to expose their data and functionality through services interfaces. As a result of that, Amazon has remained ahead of the curve in many aspects to competitors such as Google (see Steve Yegge’s rant, building the most widely used cloud services in the world (AWS).

Jeff Bezos understood that in order for his company to be successful, he had to switch focus from creating a “perfect product” to creating a perfect platform for that product. Much like Bezos, Drupal developers should switch their focus from creating the perfect website to allowing each user to leverage the application’s data and functionality into their own “perfect product”.

In this session, Arturo will talk about the basics and importance of using the Services module. He will demonstrate how some companies like are switching their focus from their website to a strong SOA application available to not only web browsers, but mobile devices (iPhone and Android), and any other client that requires the use of their data and functionality.

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