Sponsor highlight: Phase2 Technology

We are thrilled to be sponsoring DrupalCamp Austin! While the majority of our 55 person team is located in the DC area, Austin is home to the Phase2 Product Director, Karen Borchert, and Senior Developer, Erik Summerfield — so we think fondly on DrupalCamp Austin. This year we are also excited to have our very own Samantha Warren as a featured speaker of the Camp. Samantha has been a huge advocate of designing for Drupal, and she will be offering great case studies from her work using Style Tiles to help the design process go smoother and faster for client engagements.

In case you aren’t familiar with Phase2, we are headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia and are active contributors to the Drupal community.For the past several years, we’ve devoted extensive time and resources to solve the common problems faced by those in open government, advocacy and publishing.

By continuing to implement large-scale web projects tailored to these audiences, we developed distributions, such as OpenPublish and OpenPublic. Our work with distros also enables us to share our knowledge with the rest of the Drupal community and in addition to OpenPublish and OpenPublic, we also maintain Open Atrium and Managing News.

So if you are new to Drupal or looking to save some dev hours, we strongly recommend installing and tinkering around with any of our distributions. And if you’re not ready to install and get started quite yet, Karen wrote a great blog recently that gives a great code-free explanation for Drupal distributions.

Check it out and be sure to give her your feedback when you visit our table at DrupalCamp Austin!

P.S. We’re also hiring, so if you already know Drupal and are familiar with our work, we’d love to hear from you!

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